Discover the Top 3 Business Advantages of SAP CX

Dominate Every Aspect of Customer Experience

SAP CX is built upon a foundation of industry-leading products that excel in all five critical domains:

  • Commerce (formerly known as Hybris)
  • Marketing (Emarsys)
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Customer Data Management (including Customer Data Cloud and Customer Data Platform, formerly known as Gigya)

Each product stands as a leader in its respective field. Whether you adopt a "best-of-breed" approach or seek a comprehensive solution, SAP CX delivers unparalleled power. When combined, these exceptional products create an ecosystem that amplifies their individual strengths, propelling your business to new heights.

Seamless Integration for Superior Customer Satisfaction

At SAP, the ultimate goal is to provide a unified suite of cloud solutions that prioritize the end customer. Through seamless data integration between SAP Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud, your customers will enjoy an unparalleled experience at every touchpoint. Moreover, SAP CX's strategic focus on end-to-end processes fosters effective collaboration among employees across different departments. Together, these features enable your organization to deliver a cohesive and exceptional customer journey.

Flexibility and Extensibility for Tailored Success

While SAP CX products come packed with robust features, we understand that every business is unique. That's why we offer unparalleled flexibility and extensibility. With SAP Commerce Cloud's innovative headless architecture and composable storefront, you have the freedom to incorporate your preferred CMS solution or seamlessly integrate alternative search engines. This extends to all SAP CX products, allowing you to curate a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with your business needs. 

Explore the myriad of possibilities by exploring our wide range of product extensions and partner solutions at

Elevate your customer experience strategy with SAP CX and witness the transformational power of seamless integration, unmatched flexibility, and industry-leading expertise. Embrace SAP CX and unlock limitless potential for your business.

Elision is happy to help you with your tech stack

As a full-service CX partner, we help companies transition to a more sustainable customer experience. Our team of motivated and enthusiastic individuals will provide guidance and support in every direction. We can draw on an extensive portfolio of SAP CX and other best-of-breed platforms for commerce solutions that will take your digital experience to the next level.

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