Before technology comes… composable thinking

Composable thinking is necessary for all brands ready to embrace the needs of the modern omni-consumer. In order to shift your focus from incessantly selecting software to meeting customers’ demands head-on, you must adopt a composable thinking mindset to build the correct composable vision for your brand. At SAP CX Beach, Elision hosted 2 roundtables on this very important core principle: ‘Composable thinking beyond CX’.

Here are some of the key takeaways from our roundtables:

  • Break down large Customer Experiences, think and build modular.
  • CX grows bottom-up. Enable cross-functional teams to take small autonomous decisions.
  • Customers touch your entire organization, think composable beyond solutions and departments.
  • Change to grow. What is not broken now, will lose value soon. Everything is changeable.

Maxeda’s road to composable CX

Our customer Maxeda kicked off at the event with a captivating keynote about how they stepped up the e-commerce game with SAP Commerce Cloud and Mirakl Marketplace.

As we all know, customers keep on demanding more (greater choice, lower prices, faster delivery) while e-commerce margins are decreasing, and competition is rising - from digital giants and digital natives.

With Covid-19, when e-commerce started growing, Maxeda has evolved from a monolith to a modular & composable Marketplace through composable thinking.

CX milestones


    Monolith approach

    E-commerce and retail were silos, with the webshop being ‘just another store’.


    Composable thinking

    Cut the elephant into pieces and build a hybrid platform with Hybris (SAP Commerce Cloud) for the core, plus other best-of-breed solutions and a separate storefront.


    The proof is in the pudding

    Systems were beeping and cracking, but with some tweaks able to handle the incredible load.


    The implementation of a marketplace

    We’ve built a walking skeleton in 3 months. The marketplace went live in 6 months with the right mindset, the ultimate focus and the ‘one team, one task’-approach.


    Step by step towards unified commerce

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Ready to talk about your Composable road to digital success?

Composable thinking is a mindset that will help you with your next step in CX.

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