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In a hyper-competitive online market, low prices alone won't make the difference. What users want is an optimal customer experience. The implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud helps Basiq Dental collect useful customer data and provide a more relevant and more personal shopping experience in multiple languages, across various markets.

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Customer experience: the secret to conquering a competitive market

The market for professional dental products is a competitive market. As a result, price alone is no longer a strong differentiating factor. A good customer experience is essential to maintaining a competitive edge. Customers (dentists) are becoming more discerning with higher expectations.

As a supplier of professional dental products, Basiq Dental was looking for a way to make a difference while maintaining its leading market position. A user-friendly online customer experience was the underlying goal.

Basiq Dental previously used the e-commerce platform SANA Commerce with SAP ERP integration. Following an initial orientation, Basiq Dental opted for SAP Commerce Cloud – a better alternative to SANA Commerce, designed to meet the specific needs of SMEs.

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The advantages of a good customer experience

The benefits of transitioning to a smart online dental depot with SAP Commerce Cloud had to include:

  • Efficient collection of customer data (the new gold)
  • Relevant customer information (greater conversion and loyalty)
  • Effective market penetration with the ability to launch new markets and languages (default option in SAP Commerce Cloud)

These advantages would help distinguish Basiq Dental from its competitors, who more or less solely differentiate on price.

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One system, multiple markets: SAP Commerce Cloud

Basiq Dental is a family business in heart and soul. Having previously worked with other family businesses, such as Maiburg and Jan Linders, we immediately felt a cultural click. We used wireframes to show them at an early stage what the new online environment would look like. This approach made things much more tangible for Basiq Dental.

The project itself involved the end-to-end implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud, including SAP ERP integration. Throughout the project we worked closely with the Basiq Dental project team, which consisted of both business and IT professionals. During the project we decided to go live in separate phases.

Brand maintenance is possible through SAP Commerce Cloud, which was the primary goal of this project. Phasing out SANA Commerce as quickly as possible was a secondary goal.

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Elision understood the culture of our family business. Thanks to their wireframes, we knew immediately what our new webshops would look like, which made us more confident in our decision.

Werner Kleiss, Commercial Director  - Basiq Dental

About Basiq Dental

Basiq Dental is a leading supplier of professional dental products. Thanks to a unique combination of low prices for A-brands, alternative high-quality products, a private label (Pure), the highest supply reliability in the industry, outstanding service and an extensive range of more than 15,000 products available from stock, Basiq Dental is a frontrunner in the professional dental market. Moreover, this family business even enjoys a leading position in Europe.

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