Composable thinking beyond CX

Composable thinking is a mindset: to grow your CX, you should shift from incessantly selecting software to meeting customers’ demands head-on.

Introducing the SAP Composable Storefront: revolutionizing eCommerce experiences

SAP Composable Storefront (formerly known as Spartacus) is a ready-made front-end solution for modern eCommerce. You adapt, expand or upgrade according to your branding and functionality needs,

B2B market fails to leverage opportunities in digital commerce due to unstructured product content

Leverage the opportunities of digital commerce by simplifying and structuring product information and moving it into a PCM system.

Winning at B2B Commerce: How Transparency Can Boost Your Sales

With accurate and up-to-date inventory and order information in SAP Commerce Cloud, organizations can not only promise fast delivery times but also deliver on those promises, increasing customer trust and customer satisfaction.

B2B digital commerce price complexities

Solving B2B digital commerce price complexities: ensuring there’s one source of truth via real-time pricing.

SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform)

Embrace a world of endless possibilities with SAP BTP integration capabilities, and say hello to a future of seamless connectivity.

SAP CDC incorporates 2 modules, making it an optimal solution for identity management

Discover how SAP CDC optimizes privacy and communication preferences in order to optimize your end-to-end customer lifecycles.

SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud has moved to the Cloud for 3 reasons. Here's why.

What role does Emarsys play in the SAP CX portfolio?

Discover the possibilities of Emarsys and how it compares to other SAP CX solutions.